Supporting Poultry Farmers during COVID-19 Outbreak:

AbuErdan offers its Enterprise Management Software for 50% discount during the Outbreak.

If you have a poultry farm and wish to use the service for the 50% discount during the outbreak, please send us an email directly to or register below and AbuErdan team will be happy to help you to start using the service immediately.

To support poultry farmers in their effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus and increase their efficiency and effectiveness of managing their operations, AbuErdan has decided to offer its enterprise poultry management software for a 50% discount during the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

A farm manager has been always taking care of his farm during the whole production process. However, a farm vet, a production manager, an operation manager and other stakeholders in the production have a crucial role during the production cycle as well. Regular visits to keep track of performance, set procedures, and highlight issues that arise during a production cycle are very important to make sure that the flock is healthy and is going to the right direction.

During these circumstances, we need to be fast in demonstrating that there is a clear plan of how to manage poultry farms while reducing as much as we can the regular vet or production manager visits so that we can reduce face-to-face interaction without losing the benefit of such visits.

It is necessary to secure business operations in such unforeseeable urgent circumstances. AbuErdan can reduce such physical interactions without reducing its benefits. AbuErdan solutions offers communication tools between the farm manager and the other stakeholders ensuring that all key performance indicators are communicated directly once it is added inside the farm. The tools not only allow communication of dry numbers, it allows as well sending photos and comments from inside farm. This allows remote stakeholders to manage their farms remotely, see all the analysis of the whole flock compared with the standards of the breed with all historical information to ensure having the full picture to take corrective decisions on time without having to do the visit physically.

AbuErdan is designed from the ground up to solve technological challenges that are unique to the poultry industry like poor connectivity in remote areas and low and unreliable connection bandwidth. This helps farms as well to be connected to the stakeholders even with low or poor connectivity.

AbuErdan team is working remotely in such hard time to empower farms and make sure they stay connected with their teams, farms managers are able to receive health plans, corrective actions on time, and production managers/vets are able to receive all technical information needed to make such decisions and disseminate them.

AbuErdan team has decided to offer its services for a 50% discount during the outbreak to help poultry farms to benefit from such service and continue tracking their production while reducing face-to-face interaction during the corona virus outbreak.